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MyCoin - One Dream - One World - One Currency

Welcome to MyCoin, where your cryptocurrency always increases in value.

MyCoin is a new cryptocurrency that grows steadily in value month by month. This process of steady, but limited growth allows it to avoid the high volatility of other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Litecoin. MyCoins will start with a penny value each and grow in value at an agreed upon rate of 21% monthly until each MyCoin is valued at $10 in January of 2020.

* Note that Bitcoin has a maximum blocksize of 1 MB that is mined every 10 minutes. With a 250 byte transaction size, this results in only 400 transactions per minute. MyCoin has a maximum blocksize of 20 MB and is mined every 2 minutes. With the same byte transaction size, this will allow up to 40,000 transactions per minute.

** Note that stage two will require an open exchange as a prerequisite to issuing a debit card. While an open exchange will result in volantility, it will also allow for greater growth. This is a required growing pain for stage 2 in order to find it's final value. When this time comes, we will be more than ready to deal with it. This is necessary to determine a final and fair MyCoin market capitalization value. While no one knows the final value of MyCoin, a market value of just $20 billion could create up to a maximum 20,000 millionaires.

MyCoin officially launched January 3, 2017.

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